Crown jewel Ergonomix2 – the luxury of breast implants you have been waiting for


The implants with nanotechnological surface and free extended warranty are the absolute Créme de la Créme of cosmetic surgery. In addition, it is possible to reverse breast surgery at the expense of the manufacturer.

  • Free extended warranty
  • Unique, highly durable super silicone shell
  • Extremely natural result
  • Removal of implants at the expense of the manufacturer

If you have decided to adjust your breasts and decide in favor of implants, it is worth looking towards the solution that ensures the best result, would be natural and of course safe. Motiva Round and Ergonomix implants are known for their naturalness and safety. Now a real crown jewel has been added to the Motiva product family – Ergonomix2, which has even better properties and warranty.

Nanotechnological shell

The chance of a Motiva implant breaking or causing a capsule reaction as a result of intense physical stress is negligible. The Motiva Ergonomix2 implant has indisputably the most natural, elastic shell with the best stretching properties in the world. It is made of the same type of silicone as heart valves.
The specially designed surface minimizes the risk of inflammation and fits in with the subcutaneous tissue in the best possible way. The shell or surface is the most important in terms of safety because it is in direct contact with the human body. Rough-surfaced older types of surfaces are more likely to cause a continuous inflammatory process. Motiva implants have a nanotechnological interface that combines the best features of a smooth and slightly textured surface. Motiva Round, Egronomix and the new Ergonomix2 have this type of surface.

Safety layer

All Motiva implants have a carefully crafted shell consisting of several layers of silicone. Layers have different properties and functions. Within the permitted limits, the leakage of silicone into the body is common to all medical silicone products, but with Motiva Ergonomix2 it is hundreds of times smaller than with a regular breast implant due to its unique shell material. In addition, there is a special anti-leakage barrier layer. It is usually not possible to see the leakage layer of the silicone visually, so a possible manufacturing defect may go unnoticed. Motiva gave the barrier layer a light blue colour. This allows the surgeon to visually assess the implant during the surgery and ensure that the implant is flawless.

Microhip QInside

Motiva breast implants have a tiny microchip on the back of them with the product serial number. This is necessary in case a woman goes to a check-up but has lost her implant passport; the surgeon can scan her breast with a special external body device to find out exactly what type of product has been used and what the size of the implant is. The passive microchip is thus also an electronic implant passport.


When it is said that implants have a lifetime warranty, people think that “lifetime” means a person’s lifetime, however, the lifespan of the implant is taken into account. The life expectancy of a modern implant is usually 20-25 years. With Motiva Ergonomix and Round, an additional extended warranty is available for purchase – if the implant breaks or there is a capsule reaction, Motiva will pay for the implant as well as the replacement of the implant. However, the Ergonomix2 comes with an extended warranty free of charge.
What exactly does “extended warranty” mean? This means that the manufacturer takes responsibility and is obligated to finance the implant replacement process. In the past, the warranty was valid for the replacement of the implants, but not for the procedure itself. The possibility that is included to Ergonomix2 is also significant – if, for up to a year and a half after the surgery, a person feels that they have made the wrong decision and wishes to return to the status quo, the JOY program that comes along with Ergonomix2 provides such a unique opportunity and breast implants can be removed for free. This is the first time in the history of breast surgery that it is possible to remove implants at the expense of the implant manufacturer.
In the case of Ergonomix2, there is a warranty for a replacement implant and the cost of re-surgery would be reimbursed up to 2,500 EUR per implant in case of an implant rupture or a capsule reaction.

Natural results

With Ergonomix2, a highly natural result is guaranteed, as the round ergonomic implants follow the body’s movements. The breasts act like natural breasts – when lying down they gravitate a little to the side, but keep a round shape, when standing up, the breasts are drop-shaped. The elasticity and softness of Ergonomix2 are specially designed to be as similar as possible to human breast tissue. The patented technology (TrueMonobloc) ensures that any pressure or twist does not damage the implant, as the shell forms a complete whole with the contents. A shell made up of different layers of supersilicones, which has been carefully tested and thoroughly inspected for elongation and rupture, plays its part. The shell is even more flexible, durable and softer than it is with Motiva Round and Ergonomix. And the result? Natural, comfortable, beautiful. Perfect!


Ergonomix2® – Enhanced Technology, Next Generation Implant

The newest implant to join the Motiva family: Ergonomix2®comes with improved mechanical properties designed for natural movement and refined results.










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